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L'ultimo Tango  ( 2013 )


Giuseppe Iacono


Giuseppe Iacono, ...

Production Company:

Bastoni tra le Ruote (no profit)


Alberto Tango is the owner of a small and shabby detective agency in the area close to Naples. His collaborator is Corrado, naive boy with some problems of mental stability. Tango lives by his tricks, often at the limit of legality, to fill the huge debt that he has contracted with the cynical Rava, his ex former employer and current creditor. Tango receives a call from Sergio Tudisco, an important industrial man. He wants to hire him to find her daughter Olga, rebel girl run away. Tudisco gives Tango the sum that would solve his problems with Rava. Tango accepts after a hesitation. There is not much time and mental pressure is high, so occasionally Tango sees God in person... and talks with him! Maybe stress? The epilogue is to be discovered.





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Coming Soon


Portale telematico no-profit per la Promozione del Turismo sull'Isola d'Ischia con la finalità di tutela e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale e del paesaggio per promuovere la conoscenza dei luoghi e delle sue tradizioni ai sensi del D.L. 42/2004 art.2

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